Popping In

Hello again, Hard to believe that four months have passed since I last posted. Truth is, I’m doing exactly what I said I wanted to do when this year began: I’ve been enjoying my time. I got a notice today from Word Press that a visitor by the name of Patrick commented on my Closing out 2020 post. To appreciate his comment fully, I reread my post and it made me smile. I do miss this and I fully intend on returning; but on my own time and when I have something that I want to share. First things first, … Continue reading Popping In

Closing out 2020

This a weird one for me, but I suppose everything is weird this year. My boys are getting older and I need to make a space for them to play with their growing collection of Hot Wheels and super heroes. There is only one option of a place to do that: my mostly untouched gaming room. Yesterday, I started to really clean it up. It was getting out of hand, stacks of boxes and projects in various build states. It was starting to look rather run-down. I had a lot of things that I enjoyed very little. I decided to … Continue reading Closing out 2020