Week 1 down!

I started Monday feeling pretty tired. I am covering for my director while he is out on military duty until March (which is when my second child is due to be born). I spent all day realizing that I was nowhere near ready for the presentation I had to give on one of his major reports the next day.

Tuesday, I felt sluggish all day and struggled to focus. I figured it was stress. Presentation down… it did not go great.

Wednesday and Thursday were just as bad. I could not shake this sleepy feeling. I wasn’t sleeping well due to a headache and I developed a really bad cough. Still, I was hammering away at tasks, interviewed a new candidate and made him an offer, and generally making good progress at work. Once I got home, I just wanted to sleep. That’s not normal for me. Still, I wasn’t sleeping much.

Friday morning, I felt like death. I literally laid on the kitchen floor while my wife and son ate breakfast. I told my wife I wasn’t being dramatic, I just didn’t want to touch anything or be near anyone until I could get into a doctor’s office and be sure I wasn’t contagious.

I dropped my son off at day care at 7:30 and filled up my car with gas and just parked outside the doctor’s office. My appointment was at 9:30, but I lived 20 minutes away… 30 in rush hour. I did not think I could focus for a full hour of driving home and back, the headache was getting worse. I checked in at 9:15 and sat until 9:55, when they finally took me back to a room. After the nurse took my vitals, I laid down and tried to block the light from my eyes. I dozed off and was startled awake by the doctor walking into the room. At this point she informed me that I was running a 101 degree fever and needed to be tested for the flu. She took two swabs up my nostrils and left to run the test. It came back negative. The doctor told me that I appeared to have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Based on my headaches, I was probably running a low grade fever for a few days and it had finally caught up to me. After a few meds, I passed out for a good 12 hours.

That brings me to Saturday (today). My wife took my son to her parents to allow me to rest and not worry about anyone catching anything. I rested a bit and then finally started painting the skin colors of the remaining Core Space figures. I need to complete 36 models by the end of December, which is 6 models a week starting next week. I think I can manage that.

For now, I figured it is time to show off what I have done so far (granted it was all done before I made my painting goal for next year). These all look good from three feet away… so naturally, I took close up photos of them.

I think I can still blame the fever…

The Harvesters. These were primed white, the exposed mechanical parts were painted black and hit with gunmetal, eyes with red, some lights painted blue. Then they were washed with dark shade to give them the tan look. The base was painted filthy suit grey.


Also, who needs a light box? This is just pink foam with dollar store foam behind it under my LED ceiling lights. I actually don’t think it looks that bad.


The Assassins followed the same scheme as the Harvesters, but I did not use the shade on the white armor, except along edges.


Devastators followed the same idea, but the white armor was painted red. I think some edge highlighting would make these pop, but one thing at a time. I’m just getting back into painting.


Live Ones
Two Live Ones, both paint with jungle green (which is a pain in the ass to get any coverage). One set of robes is painted pink and the other purple. I don’t recall the exact Army Painter paint used.


The Annihilator followed the same scheme as the Harvesters. I mixed the red and blue to get the color for his head and leg bands.


The Gatherers consist of a Mother and her Spiders. Same as my standard Harvester paint scheme.


Crew 1
The crew of the Ion Hope: Roykirk, Arianna, Gak, and Tirgarde.


Crew 2
The crew of the Black Maria: Lars, Jace, Beck, and Renton.


I also did not clean any mold line on these guys. Some of the later models show those lines a bit more prominently than these guys do. For the most part everything is painted using Army Painter colors (I got the Mega Paint Kit for my birthday this past June), with a few Vallejo, Reaper, and Citadel paints coming into play in the near future.

Honestly, that Mega Paint set is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. One downside to Army Painter is that light colors like yellow or jungle green need multiple coats (as in four or five at least) to get good coverage where my Citadel yellow is good in two thin coats. But, it is still worth the money in my opinion.

Here’s to next week being illness-free and full of… paint?

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