Five Parsecs Campaign Turn 3


Gang upkeep was fully paid. Jaka finished healing. Eve, Hoop, Byrd, and O’Gar left in the morning to collect revenue and brought in 1 credit. Miller prowled around town and ended up mouthing off to the wrong guy. The Skullcrackers gained a new enemy, The Unsunken. Gangway bartered at a local market and bought a repair kit. Helen found a crate of unknown goods worth 1 credit.

We should be good for the next upkeep at this point. I may start sending two to barter, two to recruit, and the rest to gather credits until I build up a healthy nest egg. The turf resource is pretty helpful, it is nice to send O’Gar out on two jobs. Oats bringing in an enemy and now Miller bringing another is annoying. With this many enemies, the odds of us playing an opportunity mission are low. With the benefactor we gain extra credits for opportunity missions, though enemy missions give us a chance to get more experience points. Somehow we managed to double our number of enemies without fighting anyone new.



The Clawdaddy’s are back again! I do not have any more K’Erin models ready, so I’m skipping that enemy group… rolled for the other three and got these fools again. They rolled up as five enemies, but I am going to add one more for fun.

 Condition: Reinforcements. Half of each team starts off the board. I rolled for which heroes start off the board and they are: Castle, Helen, Eve, Jaka, and Byrd. Three Clawdaddy shotgunners will also start off the board. When/if they come on I will roll for which table edge everyone appears on.

Setup: Five objects of note are present. These are the lockers with dice on them.


Round 1

M3 Overview 1
Game Board before the game starts.
M3 Overview 2
Back view of Game Board before start.

The weapons embargo caused a massive riot as restless gang members struggled to rearm themselves between encounters. The local police forces of Sector 43 called in reserves from Sectors 42 and 44. The clash between locals, gang members, and peace-keeping forces had raged for the last fifteen hours. O’Gar, Hoop, Gangway, and Miller had been out drinking and gambling when the first shots rang out in the entertainment district. The K’Erin had thought little of the initial bursts, but soon the return fire became louder and the pauses between screams and gunfire were nonexistent. The four Skullcrackers found themselves surrounded by a barroom brawl with local cops pounding on the barricaded doors.

A drunken local threw a wild punch at Hoop’s head. The Skullcracker ducked out of the way and countered with a vicious uppercut. The drunk stumbled back and crashed into a small table. The men who were sitting at that table stood up, one drew a pistol. O’Gar’s hand cannon rattled the empty shot glasses in front of him as it sounded off.

“We better clear out of here. I don’t like our odds once those cops get through those doors.” Miller said tapping Gangway on the shoulder and pointing to a back exit.

The bouncer at the exit refused to let the men pass, citing that everyone present would stay put until things settled down. He said those living would split the costs of repairing all the damage to the bar. Gangway responded by plunging a knife into the man’s belly. He shoved the dying man out of his way and signaled the other two Skullcrackers to follow him and Miller out the back.

“Castle! Are you there?” O’Gar’s voice boomed into the gang’s earpieces. The radio crackled and several shots and shouts could be heard before Castle’s voice replied.

“Yeah, I am. I was helping Jaka around the market when all hell broke loose. The riots seem to be sweeping the whole sector. We are on our way to meet up with Helen and Eve by Greenlake Park. They said that area is still somewhat calm. Who’s with you?”

“All but Byrd. We are in the central district. We will head towards you.”

“Alright. I’ll see if I can locate Byrd once we meet up with the girls. Stay out of sight; every gang in the sector is out for blood right now.” Castle said before he clicked his communicator off.

O’Gar motioned for the others to follow him as he darted down a nearby alleyway towards Greenlake Park.

The Greenlake area was engulfed in chaos. Whatever calm had existed was replaced with the same violence they had left behind in the entertainment district. Explosions could be heard off in the distance as gangs clashed with sector police. Citizens fled to nearby sewer systems or abandoned military bunkers seeking more secure shelter. Most of the houses the Skullcrackers passed were riddled with bullet holes, half the windows busted out. The gang took a sudden left turn and headed for the lake proper when they saw makeshift barricades blocking the road ahead. Pillars of smoke rose off several of the buildings; a familiar call rang out from the roof tops.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Miller grumbled.

“Okay, boys. Let’s put some holes in heads. Shut these Clawdaddies up for good.” O’Gar checked the speed loaders in his belt and, satisfied that he had enough rounds to add craters in the middle of a few dozen faces, he stomped towards the source of the shouts.

M3 Hero Start
The Skullcrackers arrive.

O’Gar and Miller got quick actions. Both dashed up.

M3 Enemy Start
Clawdaddy starting positions. Boss has on the building to the left. Two gang members on the building to the right.

The Clawdaddy shotgunners advanced; they had seen the shadows of the Skullcrackers leaving the alleyway on a small security system they had set up earlier in the day. Their boss held his ground.

M3 Enemy Turn 1
Clawdaddies move to get to the other rooftop.

Hoop and Gangway dashed up.

“Castle? You there? You aren’t going to believe which set of assholes we’ve stumbled across today.” O’Gar said into his headset.


“Yup. We’ll handle it.” O’Gar continued to move forward, watching out for any sign of the Clawdaddies.

“I got in touch with the others, we will head your way. Where are you?”

“Just east of the lake, near Turnstone and Brocker St.”

“Give us two minutes, we aren’t far.” Castle signed off.

M3 Hero Turn 1
The Skullcrackers split up to take on the Clawdaddies. Gangway and Miller to the left. O’Gar and Hoop to the right.

Reinforcement calls: Enemies have communication difficulties. O’Gar reaches Castle, they are 2 turns away. They will arrive at end of that round.


Round 2

No quick actions.

The Clawdaddy boss held his position waiting for anyone to come into view. The shotgunners advanced to next building across the makeshift ladder-bridge.

M3 Enemy Turn 2
Clawdaddies arrive on second rooftop.

O’Gar moved to the ladder in front of him and started climbing. Hoop dashed past ladder towards the right building edge. Gangway and Miller dashed up the alley to the left of the building.

O’gar was halfway up the ladder when he heard a loud radio crackle off in the distance. The Clawdaddies were calling for backup. He could not make out the exact words, but he knew from the anger in the reply from those on the building ahead that reinforcements were not very close.

Reinforcement calls: Enemy 4 turns. Heroes arrive next turn.


Round 3

No quick actions.

The boss continued to hold position. The shotgunners moved to high cover.

O’Gar held his movement at the top of ladder out of sight. I do not think you are supposed to do this via the rules, but I am more interested in the story side of things so I am letting it happen. Hoop moved past the building edge and behind a smoking pile of rubble out of sight of the Clawdaddy leader. Gangway moved to an object of note and found 1 credit worth of loot. Miller dashed passed him, out of sight of shotgunners above.

M3 Gangway Loots
Gangway starts the looting early.

Reinforcements: Enemies 3 turns. Heroes arrive! I decided on random locations of arrival for everyone. The two long edges are each 2 spaces, for 6 total locations. I rolled a six-sided die for each hero. Castle and Jaka arrived in the alleyway near Miller and Gangway. Eve and Helen arrived at the street end near the enemy boss. Byrd arrived in the corner nearest Hoop and the enemy boss.

M3 Castle Jaka Arrive
Castle and Jaka arrive.

“We’re here!” Jaka shouted as he waved to Miller and Gangway.

“Look out! They’re on the roof!” Miller shouted back.

Castle and Jaka looked up and saw two Clawdaddies staring right back at them.

M3 Byrd Arrives
Byrd arrives.
M3 Eve Helen Arrive
Helen and Eve arrive. I didn’t realize the picture was this blurry when I took it.


Round 4

Castle, Helen, Jaka, Eve, and Hoop got quick actions. Hoop moved up behind a car door and shot at the Clawdaddy boss; missed. Helen dashed to climb up the building ahead of her in hopes of gaining a flank on the enemy boss. Eve moved in the opposite direction behind some smoke and shot at the Clawdaddy boss; missed.

M3 Eve Helen Move
The ladies move to put some pressure on the Clawdaddy boss.

Jaka climbed up the building to his left and into cover. The Clawdaddies were out of range of this gun. Castle hugged cover, but could only get clear sight to one gang member. He opened fire and missed both shots.

M3 Hoop Attacks Boss
Hoop opens fire on the Clawdaddy boss.

The boss aimed at Hoop and hit causing both a wound and a stun marker. The shotgunners moved closer to the edge of the roof to get a better shot at Jaka and Castle, but only one had a shot. He opened fire on Castle and grazed him only scoring a stun.

Castle pressed his back against his cover. He could still only line up a shot on one of the Clawdaddies on the roof across the alleyway. He took in a deep breath and spun out from his hiding spot. His finger bent, the weight of a trigger registering only momentarily in his brain before several thuds on his chest rocked him backwards off his feet and onto the ground behind him. He spit up a small amount of blood and lay on the ground, every nerve firing, every voice in his head screaming for him to get to his knees and crawl behind cover. No muscles moved. The world around him pulsed with each heartbeat, fading to white and slowly returning to view.

M3 Castle Hit Team Rushing
Castle stunned. Miller, Gangway, and O’Gar start moving on the Clawdaddies.

O’Gar climbed up to the roof and dashed towards the opposite edge. Byrd climbed up onto the building in front of him, but was out of range of any targets. Miller climbed up and shot at the female gang member stunning her. Gangway climbed up and shot at the male, but missed.

Miller huddled by the overturned table at the roof of the restaurant. He spotted the female Clawdaddy member poke her head out over the edge and opened fire. He heard her scream as his rifle barked into the air. His smile faded as he began to hear her cursing him from the roof of the second level.

Reinforcements: 2 turns away.


Round 5

Gangway and Miller are in a bad spot with two Clawdaddies above them with shotguns, as is Castle who is also exposed to one of them. I also need to get Hoop to safety or kill the boss.

Hoop and Miller got quick actions. I need Hoop to move out of the way. Miller needs to kill the male shotgunner to protect Castle. O’Gar has a clean shot, but to take it would put him in real danger of being killed. Miller aimed at the male gang member and shot, but missed. Hoop moved out of line of sight back behind the smoking rubble again.

The male shotgunner moved up to get a shot on Castle, which resulted in another graze and stun marker. The female shotgunner shot at O’Gar, but missed both rolls. The boss aimed and shot at Eve (both Byrd and O’Gar are blocked by smoke and terrain), but missed.

Helen climbed up a nearby ladder and flanked the boss. She fired and hit him in the back, but only stunned him. Byrd dashed to get sight on the boss. Eve aimed at boss, but missed. To hit Castle the male shotgunner had moved into Jaka’s range. Jaka aimed and shot, but missed. The female shotgunner is just in range for O’Gar to get an aimed flank shot, but he missed. Gangway aimed and shot at the male shotgunner, but he too missed. Castle opened fire at the male shotgunner, but misses both rolls.

Reinforcements: More Clawdaddies will arrive next turn. I will use the same random arrival spaces for the Clawdaddies.


Round 6

I need Helen to get another flank on the boss, O’Gar to shoot the female, and I need to move Castle to safety. I get just enough quick actions to set those three up. Helen aimed and shot at the boss, but missed. O’Gar aimed and shot at the female shotgunner and scored the first kill of the match.

M3 Ogar Kills
One less Clawdaddy to deal with.

Castle climbed up and ran next to Jaka.

Helen popped her head up over the edge of the building. She had landed a sure shot before, but missed this last time. One more quick burst should do the bastard in. Where was he? She stood up, a momentary lapse in judgement. The world went black.

The last shotgunner moved to protect his flank from O’Gar and shot at the K’Erin, which grazed and stunned O’Gar. The boss is in trouble, anywhere he moves will result in a flank shot from an enemy. Since he was stunned, he opted to shoot at Helen and took her out of action. This put him back in a flank-free position.

“Helen!” Eve’s voice shrieked through Hoop’s earpiece. “Helen, get up! Son of a bitch shot her! She ain’t movin’!”

“Dammit.” Hoop cursed to himself. He rushed forward, passed the smoking pile and slid the last three feet back behind the open car door. He watched through the front windshield and saw the Clawdaddy leader turn back around and peer over the building edge once move. Hoop popped up, his mind was blank save for a small voice whispering ‘now’. He finger tapped the trigger several times in quick secession. A thick red cloud burst from behind the boss’ head before he disappeared behind the roof ledge.

“I got the fucker.” Hoop said into his mic. A sense of pride and sorrow filled his body. He ducked back behind the car door and begged whatever god would listen to let Helen be okay.

Hoop moved back to his spot behind the car and opened fire at the boss, headshot! The boss went down. Byrd repositioned to prepare for enemy reinforcements.

M3 Byrd Waiting For Enemies
Byrd waits for the enemy reinforcements.

Eve dashed up the nearest ladder hoping to flank the male shotgunner. Miller and Gangway moved to the nearest ladder to prepare to rush the same shotgunner.

M3 Ogar Hit, Others Prepping Rush
Miller and Gangway get ready to rush the shotgunner.

Jaka hopped down and dashed to get to closest ladder to his position.

M3 Jaka Rushing
The Skullcrackers start to make a move.

Reinforcements arrive! Two enemies appeared around Hoop and Byrd. One appeared near Eve.

M3 Enemy R By Byrd
Two Clawdaddies arrive surrounding Byrd and Hoop.
M3 Enemy R Eve
A Clawdaddy arrives, flanking Eve.

Morale: Enemies failed their first. Heroes passed their check.


Round 7

Unfortunately, I cannot assign quick actions to both Eve who is exposed and Gangway, who can engage the male shotgunner in a brawl and neutralize him. If Gangway manages to kill him and win, I can loot the shotgun after the mission if the Skullcrackers take the victory. So, I am giving Miller and Gangway the quick actions. My plan is that Miller can shoot at the shotgun guy first and, if he can kill him, that should free Gangway up to do something else. No one else with the higher reactions has a good play.This will leave Eve and Byrd exposed.

Miller and Gangway got quick actions. Miller climbed the ladder and shot at the shotgunner, but missed the close range flank. Gangway climbed up and dashed into melee. The two brawl, Gangway had a blade and the shotgunner did not have a melee weapon or a pistol, this will give Gangway a major advantage.

M3 Gangway Rush
Gangway wants a brawl!

Gangway hugged the ladder as soon as Miller began his ascent. He knew it was dangerous to rush a shotgun wielding foe from a ladder, but something had to be done. He had heard Eve’s cry when Helen went down. The sheer flood of rage that filled his body could only be settled with blood. It didn’t matter who they were, if anyone dared to cross the Skullcrackers, Gangway would make sure they paid the highest price. He watched as Miller jumped the ledge and opened fire. The Clawdaddy dove out of the way of the spray of bullets. Gangway rushed in, the ladder now behind him. The Clawdaddy jumped up, blocked Gangway’s knife with his shotgun and smashed the butt of it into the Skullcracker’s face.

The shotgunner overpowered Gangway and hit him in the face with the butt of his gun, wounding the Skullcracker.

Gangway took a step back and drove himself forward. The shotgun spun around, but he kicked it to the side and slashed out with his blade once more. The Clawdaddy cried out as a large gash ripped open on his left arm.

Byrd kept searching the battlefield for anyone in range. He spun on his heel when he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun cocking. It had been too late. The impact sent him sprawling into the ledge behind him. He was dizzy, on his back, and without his rifle.

Eve stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She felt sick. She had seen friends die before, but she never got used to the feeling. She collected herself and stood up. Something felt off and she turned around to check her flank. She started to speak and then there was darkness.

The shotgunner and Gangway tangled again! Gangway stabbed the shotgunner, only stunning him though. One of the new Clawdaddy arrivals climbed up and flanked Byrd. He made a close range shotgun blast. Both shots hit, but neither wounded, leaving Byrd knocked down with two stuns. The other shotgunner near Hoop advanced to a nearby car, but could not get a line of sight on anyone. The female shotgunner moved up and shot at Eve, both shots critical and turned into 2 more hits. Eve lost double her life and goes out of action.

“Oh God! One of them just appeared…” Eve’s voice was replaced by a large shotgun blast, then silence. Castle heard the same shot ring out behind him. He spun around. There would be hell to pay.

Byrd’s mouth was filled with blood. His head was pounding, ears ringing. He rolled onto his side and grabbed his rifle. The Clawdaddy cocked his shotgun again. Now or never, Byrd thought. He did not bother to try and get to his feet. The shot was quick and sloppy, but he watched as the Clawdaddy’s legs flipped up into the air as the bullet connected.

Byrd rolled over and shot at his attacker, the shot only knocked the enemy back, but he fell off the edge and broke his neck; one more Clawdaddy was dead. Since Byrd was stunned he could either shoot or move, it was a risk, but I had him take the prone shot which was not ideal. The Clawdaddy did not take a wound from the hit, but the fall was high enough that he took another wound attempt which did result in his death. So, it all worked out in the end. Hoop advanced around his car and shot at shotgunner behind opposite car, but missed.

M3 Hoop Tries to End It
Hoop tries to finish off one of the Clawdaddies.

Castle moved across his rooftop and shot at the gang member who had shot Eve, both shots hit knocking the gang member down, but not out.

M3 Castle Avenge Attempt
Castle tries to avenge Eve.

Jaka dashed to aid Hoop. O’Gar rushed forward to join Gangway in the fight.

M3 Byrd Kills
Byrd scores a miracle kill.

Morale: Enemy still at 1. Heroes hit first morale failure.


Round 8

I’ll admit, losing Eve hurts. I want Castle to avenge her. I also need Miller to move into melee to aid Gangway and give him a bonus. I’m worried about Hoop in a one on one firefight with a shotgun. Jaka has the worst gun on the field with basically no range. I may send in O’Gar if I get good rolls. There is a lot that needs to happen before the enemies act and I do not have many reaction scores that are high enough to reasonably pull this off.

Castle and Miller got quick actions. Castle aimed and fired again, one bullet hit and resulted in a critical that spawned another hit. As soon as she had arrived, the female Clawdaddy was dead. Castle riddles the lady with bullets beyond recognition. Eve was avenged. Miller moved up and sparked another brawl.  Gangway hit and scored a critical which sparked another hit. The shotgunner was finally dead. If there are multiple allies in a fight, one does the attacking and gains a bonus from the other being there. So even though Gangway was not active during this turn, he could still be used as the Skullcrackers representative in the fight.

Miller jumped in as the Clawdaddy held his shotgun up like a baseball bat. Gangway saw the sudden distraction and leapt forward, his blade held tight in his hand. He ducked under the shotgun that swung out towards his head and jumped up into the air, knife now high above him. The Clawdaddy began to scream as Gangway’s steel drove itself through his left eye and out the roof of his mouth.

The last shotgunner aimed and shot at Hoop, but he missed!

Byrd stood up and moved to try and gain a flank. Hoop aimed and fired, but missed. Jaka continued to run up. O’Gar moved to a notable object and checked it out He found 1 credit worth of loot.

M3 All Rush to End It
Moving in to end the fight.

Morale: Still 1 and 1!


Round 9

That round went as I hoped. Now to kill this last fool off. I really want Hoop to survive. I probably should not have typed that….

Byrd rushed to the ledge, he could see the last Clawdaddy and Hoop engaged in an intense firefight. He leveled his rifle and exhaled slowly.

“Don’t rush it.” He whispered to himself. Satisfied with his aim, he squeezed the trigger. The Clawdaddy’s body jerked and slumped to the ground, a red pool began to form around his head.

Byrd and Hoop got quick actions. Byrd gained a high flank which resulted in a critical hit with another hit scored. The last enemy was killed.


Clean Up

There were three object left on the field. Jaka opened one, but it was trapped. He dove out of the way of the explosion. Byrd tried a second one, but found nothing. Jaka regained his nerves and opened the last one, which was also empty.

Well, this was a blood bath! It was not ladies night, as both went down to enemy fire.

Clawdaddy’s still do not give up!

Gangway looted the shotgun off his fallen foe. Nice!

No resource gain.

Injury rolls for Eve and Helen. I do get 2 rolls and can pick 1 due to my improved hideout. Helen was only knocked out (both rolls were this, whew.) No impact. Eve has a wounded arm and loses Combat Skill and is wounded for one turn. Hoop and Gangway will be out one turn each, Eve out two to heal their HP. Going into next battle short 3 people so far.

Jaka hit Veteran Rank One. Eve raises her Combat Skill back up and learns lockpicking. Helen Tech. Byrd Toughness and learns First Aid. Miller Combat Skill. O’Gar gains Speed (no yearning) and Combat Skill and then yearns for glory! His next level has to be Combat Skill. Hoop trains up Reaction.

Not shopping (saving credits at the moment).



Campaign Event: Offered a deal. I discarded a Zip Gun for a roll on the barter table. I got a gift worth one XP which I give to Miller, who levels up Speed.

Character Event: Castle- Makeover. He buzzes his straight hair off.

Background Event: Intriguing find. Add 1 notable object to next encounter.

Reputation: We’ve been gaining 1 per fight, but since we killed a set of four enemies this encounter we gained a bonus point. We now hit the threshold to become the Top Dog of our settlement if we choose to trigger that battle. I won’t now since 3 of our gang will be injured next encounter.


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